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Gami|cationThe Learning-Teaching Adventure

Welcome to Gami|cation – The Learning-Teaching Adventure – the exciting game that is changing the learning-teaching world!

Gami|cation is designed to help you gamify learning and teaching arrangements (LLA). Motivate your students in a unique way by integrating Gami|cation’s cues into your teaching and creating enthusiasm for learning.

It is a further development of the LOS project and was created as a product in the DLSK cluster (TU Dresden CODIP).

What makes Gami|cation so special?

_Versatile and flexible

Gami|cation is available in German and English and can be played and used in both analogue and digital form. This means you can use it anywhere and anytime to develop your LLA.

_Applicable in different scenarios

Whether as a matching game to get to know the player types better or as a support for the conception of your own LLA.

_Goal of the game

Gami|cation interactively introduces you to different types of players and the fascinating world of gamification.

_The fun begins

Gami|cation offers you an exciting playing field based on Marczewski’s periodic table. We have carefully selected 46 elements, each of which is represented on a map. Your task is to explore the world of gamification.

Are you ready to enter the playing field and explore the secrets of gamification? Then grab your cards and let’s play.

Types of use



Player type Free Spirit

Player type Philantropist

Player type Socialiser

Player type Achiever

Player type Player

Player type Disruptor